I opened my email this afternoon, and just like always I found all of my favorite bloggers most recent posts listed. So…just like always I opened faithhopelovefood  to read the inspiring blog about one lady’s journey through life. This time the blog was different. Tammy Allison had nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award.” How awesome and blessed I feel.


I write “My Parallel Life” blog to give glory to my Savior, Jesus. And to help others know they are not alone in life’s struggles and adventures. Those of us who struggle with battling the enemy, which is all Christ followers, have an instruction book. God’s Word, the Bible, will give us the knowledge we need to build our faith. That faith will give us hope and that hope will give us strength. The strength is God. We will not encounter anything Jesus did not encounter. He always shows me how my life’s troubles parallel whats in His Word and how He overcame. I just love sharing my stories in hopes of helping someone else truly seek their life in God.

As part of this tremendous Award, I am encouraged to share seven things about myself with you. So here goes:

  1. I love to sing. Whether it be in the choir at church, karaoke with my sister, or in my car driving across town, singing is one of my favorite things to do. Notice I didn’t say I’m good at it.
  2. It’s been over the last five years that I have found the love of family and true friends is one of God’s ways to show His love to us. I will never take them for granted.
  3. I’ve learned when I feel my lowest, I can resist the enemy’s fiery darts by resting in Jesus’ arms. It takes practice, but I always find peace there.
  4. Being a grandmother brings me more joy than I ever thought possible. One day while driving to church with my daughter and two grandchildren, a song came on the radio and I began to sing along with it. After a few minutes, I noticed all of us where singing. I thanked God that my kids knew the song, “You’re a Good, Good Father.”
  5. I have recently started drawing. This would be funny to you if you had seen anything I’d drawn before. Getting a stick-man to look like a stick-man was challenging for me. God is supernaturally drawing through my hands now. I find it refreshing, relaxing, and a way to start a small business. Wow!
  6. The feeling I get when I sit on the beach in Orange Beach, Alabama is one of serenity. As I look out over the water I realize I’m at the end of the Continental United States and think about how awesome God is to be able to make a round world that water doesn’t fall off of.
  7. It once took me 15 years to get over a broken heart. My first, what I thought was, true love.

My prayer is for anyone who reads my blog to leave the page feeling challenged to get closer to God and to know they’re not going through this journey alone. Love to all.




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