A Great Day

I had the opportunity to spend the day with my granddaughter on Monday. What a blessing! Since we live four hours away from each other, for the moment, it’s always a treat to see the kids.


We started the day off with a quick trip into the book store. I purchased the book I wanted and we were off to the park. Carlie mentioned earlier (She’s five) the park was a mess. Yes, yes it was a mess. It’s under construction! No one can  enter the play area  because it’s all torn apart with new park play things coming alive. It’s going to be an awesome place…..when it’s done this summer.

So we thought about going back to the house to pick up the dog, Delta – who likes to ride like a human in the front sit, and take him for a walk in the doggie park. Carlie loves to do that. Only one problem with that – we couldn’t find his collar.  We were both disappointed so we decided to go see a movie.


I found the movie theater’s information on my phone, but they didn’t open for half an hour, but Carlie had a plan. See noticed a pile of sand at the park with two little girls playing in it and she wanted to play in the sand as well. Meme struggled with that one for a few minutes, and then naturally gave in to her. When we arrived back at the torn apart park, there was a nice sand pile, but the little girls were gone. Carlie didn’t mind though. She ran straight toward the sand and dove in.

I ran behind her screaming, “Wait for Meme. There may be monsters in there!” However, she’s not afraid of monsters. The first thing she did was make a sand angel. I was hesitant to let her stay there because I didn’t know why the sand was there and what may be in it. But she was having such a good time, so I joined her.

We headed back to the movie theater thirty minutes later with my car full of sand. I almost came unglued when I found out the movie she wanted to see didn’t start for another two hours. Ugh!


We were getting hungry by this time, so we decided to have a girls luncheon. We went into the restaurant, we were seated, and we had a great lunch. Something happened on our way out that put vision to the anxiety I had been struggling with.

Carlie still likes for Meme to carry her. Meme still likes it too. Although her legs hang past my knees I want to treasure it while I still can. With Carlie carrying a drink and a to-go box and me carrying Carlie and my to-go box I realized, I was actually carrying it all.

This was a picture with perfect clarity of why anxiety happens. I try to carry the weight of so many different struggles everyday until I’m worried, depressed, and filled with thoughts of hopelessness.

img_2387  img_2397 img_2399

God showed me that He wants to be the One who carries me and all my worries. He’s my Father and He still wants to carry me. And the good thing about that is I will never be too big or heavy for Him to carry. I only have to allow Him the privilege.

I felt great joy to carry my granddaughter that day, but before we reached the car I had to put her down and let her walk with me the remainder of the way. When I let her down I realized how much bigger she’s getting and how light I felt. The same will happen when we give our troubles to our Heavenly Father. We will feel lighter. But the good thing about God carrying us is He will never get worn out, and He will never let us down. 

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV.)



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