My friend and I were having a conversation this morning, and in the midst of it I heard the Lord speak to me, “This is what it’s like.”


I’m not a writer. God is though. I, literally, cannot write unless God has spoken to me the words. And today it was in the middle of two friends talking about getting, “..tired of being strong.”

Would you say Jesus is strong? Absolutely! He’s powerful as well. He’s also relentlessly full of love for His children. That’s exactly why He took a nap on the boat with His disciples during a storm.

As they sailed across, Jesus settled down for a nap. But soon a fierce storm came down on the lake. The boat was filling with water, and they were in real danger. The disciples went and woke him up, shouting, “Master, Master, we’re going to drown!” When Jesus woke up, he rebuked the wind and the raging waves. Suddenly the storm stopped and all was calm. Then he asked them, “Where is your faith?”……               Luke 8:23 – 25 (NLT.)

Just because Jesus was sleeping when the storm approached didn’t mean He didn’t care about the storm. Just because we’re not worried and upset doesn’t mean we don’t care about what’s going on in our own lives either. He wants us to rest even during the stormy times we encounter.

We have the power in Jesus’ Name to rebuke all trouble that comes our way. We don’t have to be strong to do this, we just have to know with all of our heart we can refuse to worry based on the One who is strong! Jesus!

If you feel like you drowning in life’s troubles, remember what Jesus asked His disciples, “Where’s your faith?”  Is it in what you see or who made the storm?



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