Where Were You?

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell me, if you know so much.”        Job  38:4 (NLT.)


Have you ever questioned God? I have. So did Job. In the Scripture above Job received his answer. As a matter of fact Job was still receiving his answer through the 39th, 40th, and 41st chapters of the book in the Bible named for himself.

When Job lost his family, health, and fortune he began seeking  God for an answer. And God sure gave him one. I’ve always wondered why Job lost what seemed to be everything. I have even went as far as questioning why God spoke to the enemy and told him to consider Job for testing.

After, not just reading, but studying the book of Job, I understood much more about the love of God. Yes, LOVE! You see, Job stated in chapter 27 verse 6, “I will maintain my innocence without wavering. My conscience is clear for as long as I live.” 

God told Satan in Job 1:8 that Job was the finest man in all the earth – a man of complete integrity and that he feared God and would have nothing to do with evil. And that proved to be true even when God allowed Job’s whole world to crumble, but what Job didn’t appear to realize was God was good to him and gave him a large family, good health, and riches not because he was a good man, rather God is good. 

When will we realize that no matter what happens to us God is good? Life may not be good all the time, but God is! He gives us promise after promise in His Word that He will never leave us and He never has and He never will. We may have to go through some fiery trials, but keeping our hearts, minds, and souls focused on Jesus is the way to walk right through the fire without being burned.

How many of us today need to take our focus off of our problems and put them back on God’s goodness. I have my hand raised.



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