They Outgrew the Fly Swatter


I recently took on a part time job as a store Supervisor. It’s been a fun task and I’ve learned a great deal. Although I’ve been a Director and Manager in the past, there was a lesson that I had not yet learned. And God is just gracious enough to give me another chance in order to prepare me for my future.

When I quit working in Corporate America in 2014 to become a caregiver for my mother in law I had no idea I would have a book published and speak to groups of ladies about learning from their past mistakes and moving on to the great adventure God has planned for them. I had even less of an idea I would be called by God into His full time ministry. There was something missing though. A change needed to take place in the way I thought about a particular subject – Leadership.

I was the first born of three children. I had always been good at popping my brother and sister with a fly swatter when they wouldn’t do their chores after school. I was a born leader! As my siblings outgrew me, the fly swatter didn’t work any longer.

In my relationships I was what was called a “closer.” If an item was lost, I could find it. If a problem came about from a friend or family member I set out to solve it. Sticking my nose into other peoples business may have solved a problem for one person; however, upset another.


At work I was determined to finish a job even if it meant working after my scheduled time. If I made a mistake, my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) wouldn’t let me stop working until I completed my work correctly, even if I could have finished it the next day.

God loves me so much that He wanted me to learn an important lesson about leadership especially since He entrusted me with a ministry. Leading is about serving, not about being served. 

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many. Matthew 20:28 (NLT.)

My brother and sister didn’t need a fly swatter, they needed encouragement. My relationships didn’t need a “closer,” they needed a good example lived before them. And my employer didn’t need an OCD employee, they needed to see Jesus’ love through me.

So, my part time supervisor position has been fun, and I’ve made several life time friends. Most of all, I’m making progress everyday learning to be a leader and serve others needs, and set a good example by living my life the way Jesus would have me to.



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