Eye to Eye and Toe to Toe

God works in my life in amazing ways. The past twenty-six years as a child of God haven’t been the easiest, but have been the best.


Through the years I have encounter numerous obstacles from the enemy; however God has never left me alone to battle them. As long as I give my trouble to Him, He will make a way. It’s only when I get the bright idea that I can fix things myself that I fall into the snares of the enemy.


There are times the answers to my problems are subconsciously in my heart, but I haven’t grasped them yet. Then there are times when God awakens me to a simple yet life changing truth.

Yesterday one of those life changing truths was revealed to me. God used a friend to speak to me at work. She and I were working on a project in the back room of our building. As we worked we talked about various things. In the middle of conversation I dissolved into a puddle of tears.  I was tired of fighting the enemy in a certain area in my life; over and over everyday.

My friend came to me with a hug and let my tears stain the shoulders of her shirt. All of a sudden she gabbed my arms and stood eye to eye and toe to toe to me and God used her to speak these words to me, “You’ve got to stop believing the lies the enemy has made appear real to you.” WOW!

This was the answer to why I had felt miserable lately. I had chalked it up to menopause. I’m pretty sure that’s what the enemy wanted me to do so I would let it continue. But what the enemy hadn’t planned on was me working beyond my scheduled time yesterday and spending time with another woman of God. I left work feeling like a disease had been removed and I was now in a new world without pain. Boom!! Take that you devil!!

I minister to other people on a daily basis with the same truth that she shared with me. What God wanted me to know was the same truths I use to minister to others apply to me as well.

I was called into the ministry of God a year ago so I’ve had lots of opportunities to speak the truth of God into other women’s lives. I just forgot to remember the truths of God apply to my life too.


For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 (NLT.)




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