Remember How He Feels

It had been a bad day! I was tired physically and emotionally. My bed was calling my name to say the least. Not much had gone right that particular day.


I fell into my husbands wide open arms as he asked, “How was your day?” He shouldn’t have asked, because I certainly told him. A half hour later he’s asking me to excuse him while he checks on something; probably anything other than the jibber – jabber coming from my mouth.

A misunderstanding at work, rude customers, people thinking only of themselves, the death of a loved one that I couldn’t seem to grasp; all  weighed heavily on my heart. However, an underlying condition was causing me turmoil as well, I miss talking to my daughter and grandchildren.

My daughter lives four hours away from me. She has a busy life, and like everyone else doesn’t have a great deal of time to socialize. Most of our phone conversations are limited due to school work, kids schedules, and jobs. The world moves too quickly these days.


My husband returned to our bedroom to continue listening to my groaning about the day’s events. While  I was speaking to glazed over eyes, my phone rang. It was my daughter! Since I have a special ring tone on my phone for her, my husband just smiled as he walked out of our room. He knew I was now content.

Listening to her talk about her bad day a work made me smile from the inside out. Not that I was glad she had a bad day, but that she was talking to me about it. She made time in her busy schedule for me. We ended up laughing at what was not funny earlier that day when it was happening. Soon our conversation was over and I love you’s, were said.

Afterwards, sitting in my front porch swing, I heard Jesus speak to me, “Just as much as you love talking to your child, I love talking to you.” My heart was happy and sad at the same time. I was overjoyed that Jesus wants me to talk to Him. I was also disheartened thinking of things I could leave out of my day in order to spend more time in conversation with my Savior.

Although I have a regular quiet time with Jesus, sometimes the time is shorter than others. Sometimes it’s at work while I’m alone doing my job. Sometimes it’s rushed. Jesus wants my time and attention just like I want my child’s, but His desire for me is even deeper than I can imagine.

I don’t ever want Jesus to feel like I do when I long to hear my daughter’s ring tone on my phone, so from this day forward, I will try to remember how He feels.

Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be. Matthew 6:21 (NLT.)






  1. It is true! God wants us to take time out for Him. Once you realize that he cares more than anyone else around you, it makes it easier to be in His presence.

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  2. Hello Lisa, Your post sounds so similar! I recently read (and shared on social media), “Do you run to the throne or the phone?” I thought about it for a moment and realized that I tend to run for the phone or my husband. I am working on my habits and find myself running to God more and more (old habits are hard to break!) when I have one of those days 🙂


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