From David

My friend David Denson so graciously allowed me to share his post. I’m sure God will speak to you through this just like He did me.


From The Pier. Here’s the catch of the day. While traveling to GracePoint in Pelham last night. The wreck on 459 caused me to be stopped in traffic for about one hour. The longer I was detained,the more anxious I became. I knew I was going to be late and I didn’t want to miss any part of what was waiting. Friendly faces, powerful Worship and life-changing teaching! However, there I was stuck in traffic. Got me to thinking! Could it be that many are stuck in life, and cannot move ahead? Maybe because they’ve experience a wreck in their personal life? Crushed dreams, family failures or financial crisis have become a road-block to moving forward. You see I knew something better was just ahead. If only someone would clear the path. Luckily after much anticipation the First responders were there to do their job and make a way. Now here’s the good news for those stuck in life. The Way-Maker King Jesus is way ahead of you, you may not see Him but He’s clearing a path just for you. The temptation is to find an alternate route. However, let me encourage you to stay the course. Somethings better up ahead. Walking in Grace and trusting The Way Maker.


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