Silly Willy

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I have two adorable grandchildren who I love very much. I have the pleasure of helping my daughter with the kids often as she is in grad school, working full time, and coordinating two busy kids schedules. Her husband works a strenuous job and sometimes long hours.

My grandson Caleb turned twelve in June. He is now a preteen and no longer allows hugs in the carpool lane when I drop him off at school. He barely allows me to drive onto the school campus. My daughter went through this phase too when she was his age. It’s as if they think their friends won’t know they actually have parents if their friends don’t see them.

Carlie, my granddaughter is five and I am convinced that she is an adult living in a child’s body.  I picked her up from school one day while I was visiting. On the ride home she began telling me how she was in love with a boy in her class. I asked her what being “in love” meant. Carlie told me, “It means smiling at each other, holding hands, kissing and getting married.” What!?! I quickly told her that she could not get married in kindergarten.

Carlie adores her brother. Caleb secretly loves his sister. Caleb enjoys showing me the latest characters that he designs on his games. Carlie and I play games and giggle a lot. To my grandson, I’m a cool Meme who he can talk to about anything. To my granddaughter, I’m a silly willy who will sing funny songs and make goofy faces for her so she can laugh.

I love both of them, equally, but because there is a seven year difference between the two children, I interact with them differently. Our loving Heavenly Father reminds us that he loves us all equally as well in Romans 2:11. For God does not show favoritism. 

God wants to interact with us. He loves each of us equally. Press into your relationship with Him. Dig deep into His Word. He is there waiting for you to call on Him. Jesus died for ALL of us and ALL of our sin. And He dearly loves His children.



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