Catching a Glimpse

My husband is a huge fan of golf, playing and watching. He’s pretty good at it too. I play with him sometimes. I like it as well. An unknown fact to most of my friends is that I have my own set of golf clubs.

Sam enjoys giving me tips as I swing my club in an effort to make contact with the golf ball set up on the tee. I rarely listen to those tips (Sorry Honey) because I just enjoy being with him and challenging myself to hit the ball farther each time. But one tip I have listened to is, “Keep your eyes on the ball.” Sam usually has to remind me of this every time it’s my turn to hit.

A golf tournament has been on tv all weekend. Of course my husband is watching it. And I have actually enjoyed it at times because my favorite golfer is participating in the tournament. Phil Mickelson.  He seems to be a humble man. I’ve heard him thank God when he wins.

Today as I was getting ready for church my husband had the golf tournament on in our bedroom. I happen to catch a glimpse of Phil as he swung his club and sent the ball soaring to the other side of the greens. And I discovered exactly why he hit the ball. He kept his eyes on it.

I watched the re-play as Mickelson swung through and hit the ball. His eyes didn’t move from the spot where the golf ball was on the ground until the ball was already in the air. Because he kept his eyes focused on what they needed to be focused on at the moment, the ball landed where Phil needed it to be.


God quickened in me, that instant, what I needed to be focused on in my life – keeping my eyes on the path that He has shed light on today. In other words, instead of getting so wrapped up in what lies ahead I should be living in the moment and focused on just what God has me doing each day.


So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. Matthew 6:34 (NLT.)

Don’t misunderstand. I’m the queen of dreaming big, reaching for the stars, attempting what others told you you could never do, and I do set goals and move toward them. I’m a visionary who looks forward to the bright future God has ahead for me. But I think God wanted to remind me I can’t move forward two or three days or a month at a time. I can only attempt to reach for the stars one day at a time. By keeping my eye on the ball, so to speak, I can achieve four very important things:

  1. Enjoy living in each moment God gives me.
  2. Wait patiently for directions to my dreams.
  3. Serve God each day in the way He directs.
  4. Achieve my goal for the day that will eventually get me to my dreams.

Are you waiting on God for answers? Are you forgetting to enjoy and be thankful for each day you’re given because you are looking too far ahead into the future?





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