From the Mouths of Babes

I sure have enjoyed having my granddaughter visit for the past few days. Since she and my grandson live four hours away, each moment is precious that I get to spend with them.



It’s been close to twenty-five years since I’ve had a five year old with me everyday. I had forgotten they repeat EVERYTHING they hear! As I was scheduling a dental appointment yesterday, she put her mouth up to my phone and screamed, “MEME HAS A BROKEN TOOTH! What is her name, Meme? What is your name?” Alrighty, then!

Today Carlie had to go with me to my appointment. We took my ipad so she could play games during our visit. That lasted about 20 minutes. While the hygienist was cleaning my teeth, Carlie proceeded to ask her question after question after question. She then decides to rub my face and hair while the hygienist has a very sharp instrument inside my mouth. A very sweet sentiment, but not at the expense of my gums. And with my mouth not able to speak at that moment I couldn’t tell her to stop.

In the mornings as soon as there is light outside she calls, “Sun’s up! Time to get up!” And that is perfectly fine as long as I haven’t been awake all night with her legs in my stomach or her arm across my face. When she is all grown up I’ll wish I had her legs in my stomach all night.


This morning I was humbled as she spoke words the entire world needs to take heed of. Her great grandmother said, “I love you Carlie.” Carlie didn’t say anything, so Memaw said, “Carlie, do you love Memaw?” The response of this precious five year old child could be the start of a change in the entire world. “I love everybody!”

She didn’t mention loving a certain ethnicity, race, religion, employment status, economical status, or marital status. She only said “Everybody.” You see, the thing about being five is you don’t know about all that other stuff. You just see a person as a person.

Maybe that’s why Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

Are we loving everybody? Do we see them like Jesus does – equal to ourselves.



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