How Far?

One of my favorite trips was one that I took to Arizona. With heights being a problem for me, I decided to take the train. I had a great time looking out of the over-sized window beside me as I crossed the countryside.


I live in Alabama and before that point had never traveled farther than Texas to the west of me. Traveling alone I considered myself brave. I had never traveled without at least one other person. You might think this was a boring trip for me, but it was quite the opposite.

The train made several stops along the way, so many people boarded the trained and others deboarded. I made a friend and we actually kept in touch for a while. On the way home as I was trying to read, a  man sitting near me talked and talked and talked….loudly, and not about pleasant topics. This was disturbing and I was happy when we finally arrived at his destination. (Sorry, but it’s the truth.)

When I arrived at my destination in Arizona I was thrilled to know that California was just a mile away. So I drove just over the California state line and made a photo of a sign that read, “Welcome to California.” I was thrilled….sometimes it’s just the little things 🙂

To the east of Alabama is the state of Florida. I’ve been to Florida many times and in many different areas. I love the beaches and I also made a trip to Disney World (by plane, it was a miracle from God! Seriously!)

Sign Florida Sign


A few days ago I was searching for a certain Scripture in the Bible and ran across this one: He {God} has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west. Psalm 103:12. And I immediately remembered what I had heard a preacher say, “You know, the east and the west never meet up with each other.” I hadn’t thought about it like that.

This made me think of my train adventure. I had now been the farthermost west I could go and the farthermost east I could go without leaving the continental United States. And that pastor was right, California is a great distance from Florida and they never meet.

I’m most grateful to God for the loving kindness He has shown me through the years. And the forgiveness He has showered me with. I always knew He forgave me when I asked, but I never considered the distance from California to Florida to be infinity.


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