It’s a Miracle…….

I’m not one to have”road rage.” Seriously. I’m not. I understand the rules of the road and try to abide by them. However, I do have a humongous dislike for traffic.

Yesterday in Mobile, the second largest county in Alabama, I found myself in the worst mess of a traffic jam I’ve been in, in a while. My predicament was self inflicted though.


After picking up my grandchildren from school, it was off to after-school events. Picture in your mind a twelve year old and a five year old, both hungry…both hungry for something different. Meme is attempting to place an order at a fast food drive up window. Meme is now driving away because there are twenty-five vehicles in the line ahead and approximately fifteen others waiting to be served…geez!!! Does anyone eat at home anymore?

Meanwhile my grandson needed to be at an event in ten minutes but still did not have food; not to mention the food he wanted. My granddaughter just wanted a cherry on top of her strawberry milkshake…is that too much to ask?

The traffic was beginning to get to me. My kids needed food, and quickly. I had a choice. I could wait in line at the place that had the cherries or I could jet across the street and get through the drive up quicker and deliver my grandson to his appointed place on time. Seems like an easy choice except for the fact that both eateries were located across the busy road from each other. Ugh!!! There was no way I could cross with all the lanes of vehicles moving in different directions. I was beginning to feel annoyed.

As I was looking for a way to turn around and find a different angle to cross the street, I witnessed a miracle. All of a sudden there were no cars coming in either direction. Wait! What! I crossed that street like a race car driver. Once we were on the other side of the street safely, I thanked God profusely. That was purely a miracle!

Life was good again. Grandson at said location, on time with food. Granddaughter, happy with a smoothie instead of a milkshake and cherry. Meme, a bit rattled but thankful to be off the road before I developed road rage.


The moral of my story is God parted the Red Sea and that was a miracle for others to behold. He also granted me a miracle on a smaller scale that day. As much as I wanted my grand kids to have what they wanted to eat and still get to where we were going on time, my Father wanted me to cross that busy street just as much.

Look for your miracles where you least expect them 🙂

You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. Psalm 77:14.



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