Coast to Coast

My daughter moved five states away….FIVE STATES AWAY! She moved to Arizona….ARIZONA!

I was at work when I received the call. My son-in-law , a Marine, was placed in Arizona to serve our country. My stomach churned as I knew my only child would be moving….flying out of the nest. She and I had always lived in Alabama, now she was all grown up, married, and had a child of her own….my grandson….MY GRANDSON!


Immediately my mind was bombarded with questions. Why my child? How often would I see them? Would I be able to see my grandson learn to walk? The more I thought, the more questions I had. My heart was broken 😦  (Empty Nester’s Syndrome is real.)

My daughter lived there for three and a half years until she and the baby flew home to find a new home for their family.

As much as my heart ached during the time they were gone, there was a time that made me feel as though they lived just around the corner. It’s was Mother’s day. I went to buy her a mother’s day card. Even though she’s not my mom, I always buy one for her because she’s a mother.

I picked out a card that I just knew she would love. I mailed it and my mind was filled with how much I missed her. Several days past. Now there were only a few days before Mother’s Day and I received a card from her. I opened it with great anticipation of the words that she might have handwritten inside the card like she usually did. I almost….well I did… cry when I opened the envelope. We had sent each other the exact same mother’s day card.

That particular time in my life was a difficult one; however, I did learn a great lesson. No matter how far apart – we always live heart to heart.

For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16




  1. You are making me cry! Amazing you sent each other the same card..I’m in the midst of helping my son organize his post graduation from high school travels then he is moving two hoirs away. Not far but still the empty nest..and I am feeling every bit! Thanks for your story! Visiting from Christian Women Bloggers Unite..

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