Defeated or Not Defeated?

This past week as we celebrated Good Friday, a horrific impression played in my mind. As I thought of what was done to Jesus, I had mixed emotions.

I watched a movie portraying the death of Jesus. Watching the movie, I found myself talking to the actors on television, “Haven’t you beaten Him enough! There’s nowhere left on His body to put a laceration!” My chest actually felt heavy as I finished watching the movie.

When I saw the actor that played Jesus praying for God to forgive the people who were torturing Him, the scene made me think of how much I needed to improve my forgiving skills. I know that’s exactly what Jesus was doing when the tragedy actually took place; asking His Father in Heaven to forgive the brutal murders.

After a while I saw Jesus sitting up with fresh clothes on and ready to ascend to His Father. That affected me in a different way. I was most grateful for Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of love for us. And because of what took place that Friday over 2000 years ago we can live with God when we die, and stand righteous in His sight. Our sins were nailed to the cross with Jesus; past, present, and future. It is a free gift from Jesus for anyone who will receive it.

One scene in the movie I watched took my thoughts down a different path. I saw Jesus praying to God to be removed from the massive brutality, but only if it was God’s Will. The next scene shows the enemy, that was seriously disturbing to watch, send a snake out to Jesus feet. Jesus stood up and stomped on the snakes head; killing it. And continued on to bear the pain of our sin when He was sin free.

That showed me if the enemy is under Jesus feet, then he’s under ours as well. He cannot keep us defeated, no matter what storms, struggles, or trials come our way. In Romans 16:20 we read, The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet……

Although our afflictions seem too overwhelming to bear at times, we must ask ourselves two questions:

  1. Is this more difficult to bear than what Jesus had to?
  2. Will I be defeated or not defeated by this?


Photo courtesy of Kathy Peace



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