My Perfect Car

I was blessed in April of 2014 with a new car. Nothing super expensive; a Chevy Cruze. When I spotted it at the dealership, I knew I had to have that dark gray dream on wheels. That had to be my car, so finally my husband gave in to my desire and we traded my other car in for this beauty.

Every week I was at my favorite ‘wash and vacuum for free’ hang out. As I saw other vehicles move through the car wash and vacuum area, I continued working on my prized possession. Typically my car clean up took an hour. I took care of it like it was a baby. It was my baby.

I valued my Cruze so much it had gotten to the point that no one felt comfortable riding in it. My husband couldn’t move when riding with me or I would demand, “Don’t touch that!” or “You’re getting little pieces of white stuff every where!” On a black interior, everything shows up you know. My precious grandchildren couldn’t have their snacks in Meme’s new car. That made them sad.

While visiting my daughter in Mobile, Alabama several months ago, another vehicle rammed into my car while it was parked. The driver side door was demolished; shattered glass from the window was all over the ground and inside the car. You can probably imagine, I wasn’t a ‘happy camper.’ My heart sank. I was almost depressed over it. Ridiculous!!!

As I lamented over my, now, imperfect car, God spoke softly to me, “Your new car had become your idol.” Not me! You are my Idol, God. Yes, me! I began remembering how many times I had put that car before my family’s feelings.

God showed me that material items can be fixed. A new door was put on, the new window was tinted, the shattered glass was cleaned from the front seat. There I had it, my car. A brother wronged is more unyielding than a fortified city; disputes are like the barred gates of a citadel. Proverbs 18:19. I understood this verse in a new way.

Now while riding in my car, my husband puts his feet where ever he likes (He even shaves in the car.) And my grandchildren’s sticky hand prints get left on the windows because they enjoy their candy in Meme’s car. It’s then I remember to thank God for those shavings and hand prints because that means I had driven with invaluable cargo in my imperfect car.




  1. AWE I love this! I just got a cruze and I love it! I now what you mean it’s so easy to make idols out of things. I’m not going to say I won’t do that again because well I know myself so I’ll just say Lord help me take heed lest when I think I stand I fall! 😀 😛 Great post!

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