Keep a Towel Handy

  • I went to the refrigerator to fill my glass with water. The water spilled onto the floor and me!
  • Getting out of my car with my purse and a cup of water, I spilled the water into my purse! Several purses on several different occasions, as a matter of fact!
  • Picking up my glass of water to simply take a sip, it ran down my blouse and ended up in my lap!
  • I was cleaning the bathtub with the nozzle head in my hand and water from the nozzle ran down the arm sleeve of my shirt!
  • My granddaughter splashed my glass of water on the back of my shirt, on purpose!

I started thinking about the significance of water. First, It’s just a good thing I don’t drink red kool aid. Second, I started thinking about water, Spiritually.

  • During a conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well, He refers to Himself as “Living Water.” John 4:14
  • John the Baptist baptized Jesus in water. Matthew 3:16
  • Jesus walked on the water. Mark 6:48
  • God parted the waters of the Jordan River so Joshua and all the Israelites could cross into Jericho and take over the land. Joshua 3:15-16

I could go on and on about water Scriptures I’ve found in the Bible. I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing a pattern in the verses above; they’re all GOOD! Coming to know the “Living Water” brings Salvation. After Salvation, we see Jesus was baptized to show us that we need to die with Him in baptism and be raised with Him to a new life, then He walked on the water to show the disciples about faith. Joshua was fervently obedient to God’s instructions so God parted the River.

I started thinking, “What do I think about all this water spilling on me?”  Keep a towel handy, I want the Water!




  1. OH yay I have a friend who has been talking about water as well. Yesterday we shared scriptures about hope and I loved seeing your verses about water. I think I spill a lot too! Interesting how that become a teaching tool! I love it when that happens! 😀 Yay!

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