Buzz Off!

After having my nighttime snack of vanilla ice cream and ranch potato chips, (I know, disgusting, right?) I went to brush my teeth. I noticed a fly in the mirror, flying around my head. I brushed with one hand and swatted with another. I just wanted the pesky thing out of my bathroom.

I enjoy swinging in my front porch swing with my husband in the afternoon’s. One day during our course of conversation, a bee came out of no where and starting buzzing around my head. This time, I was swatting but screaming as well. All of the commotion interrupted our line of thought and we couldn’t get back on track.

Does this sound familiar? Does it remind you of something? The two scenarios painted an accurate picture of what the enemy, satan, tries to do to us. The fly and the bee came at times when there wasn’t an issue or struggle. They were just bothersome and annoying.

We think that the troubles we face come from the enemy and they do; however they can start with an aggravating thought. The fly and the bee represents a thought the enemy puts into our heads; just a little something he knows pushes our buttons. After a while, we are in the mist of a whole family of flys swarming in our kitchens and a bee hive of bees coming at us as we run around the yard.

The Bible reads, “So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7, NLT) So, when we hear little irritating buzzing noises around our ears, pray BEFORE any trouble has time to start. God’s has us in the palm of His Hand and His Hand is warm, loving, and will wrap us up and keep us safe.

And as for the fly and the bee…… off!



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