Lose That Weight Right Now!

How many of us have made a New Years resolution to lose weight? My hand is raised. We’re off to a good start, but a few weeks, ok, a few days go by and the excuses start:

  • I don’t have time to exercise anymore
  • I’ve tried but I’m not losing any weight
  • I have a problem with sweets, I can’t stop eating them.

Losing weight is sort of like waiting on God to answer a prayer. We want it to happen so quickly. The rule of thumb is if you lose weight too fast, it will be harder to keep it off. However, if you start eating right, drinking more water, getting adequate sleep, and exercising almost everyday, you have created a new lifestyle. You don’t see things changing rapidly, but pretty soon you’re feeling better than ever and you’re starting to feel your clothing loosen up.

Wow!! When did this happen? It happened over a period of time. You couldn’t necessarily see it, but while you were waiting and doing what you knew you should do to lose weight, you have done something even better. You have created a healthy new lifestyle.

When we are disparately waiting to hear from God on an issue that we are struggling with, it seems to take forever. We’ve all heard the saying; God is rarely early, never late, but always right on time. We’re waiting and waiting and watching and watching for Him to give us the answer.

What we don’t know is what God is up to while we are waiting. What He is up to is working in ways that we cannot see. He is doing things on our behalf that will change our whole life if we just trust His heart and keep our minds on how much He loves us.

We live in an age of ‘instant gratification.’ If we can’t get it right now, then we don’t even want it. When if we would only wait on God to answer our prayers and have patience while we are losing weight, all of our desires would fall into place at just the right time and would be better than we ever dreamed possible.

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