I Don’t Have It……., but I Can Get It!

Some days I feel like I’m taking one step forward and two steps back. Pardon the cliche’, but it describes how I feel right now.

A couple of months ago I started spending, “Daily Time With Jesus.” That’s what I call it. Digging deep into the Word of God and being filled with nourishment, growing closer to my Savior is what it means; my quiet time with God. There are days when I don’t have my quiet time first thing, before I start my day. All throughout the day, I become more and more aware of it too.

I woke up one morning with The Holy Spirit leading me to 2 Peter 1: 1-21. The Scripture was powerful. It showed me the plan, step by step, for being more productive and useful for Christ. Jesus calls it “A Life of Moral Excellence.” And this is the process:

  • Getting to know God better leads to
  • Self control and self control leads to
  • Patient endurance and patient endurance leads to
  • Godliness and godliness leads to love for other Christians
  • Love for other Christians leads to a genuine love for everyone

All of these things will make us better servants for God. Being a better servant for God makes it easier to show love with hopes of winning others to Christ.

I have to confess, I do not have all of these qualities. Self control and patient endurance tops the list. But I do want to gain the characteristics that I lack.

I might not have them now, but I can get them. This means as I grow closer to God, He will help me personally in these specific areas. Then I won’t have to stay in my room all day as not to be a hot mess as soon as I step out the door.

Water Fall



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