Pool Inheritance

My friends purchased a new home and lots of land. With this purchase they inherited a pool. That pool was the nastiest thing I’d ever laid my eyes on…..not really!!!!!! It was scary, however.

My husband, Sam and I volunteered to help clean said pool. The shallow end consisted of old vinyl that needed ripping out. No problem!  That was done, with all of us together, in a matter of an hour. Larking in the deep end of the pool was the mysterious black water….yuk!!!!

I’m not a fan of water that I can’t see through, so I volunteered to clean weeds away from the gate surrounding the pool. That was a safe job. Then I began to think, “What if I back up and fall into the pool accidentally?” It would be over then, I would just pass on and be in Heaven. As a matter of fact, no one wanted to tackle the murky water. We decided to have it pumped out, so when Sam and I saw we had done all that we could, we went home.

A few weeks later, our friends invited us for a swim. I said, “A swim?” “In what?” They said the pool was clean. I said, “The pool that we helped with?”  Much to our surprise, the pool sparkled with clear, fresh water. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a miracle. Need I say, we enjoyed swimming.

The nasty pool reminded me of how disgusting we must look to God since we were born with a sinful nature due to the whole scene in the Garden of Eden. (I have so much to talk to Eve about when I get to Heaven.) At the same time, I felt in my heart the parallelism between our sin and God’s Love.

God loves us as much right now as He ever will….and that’s more than we could ever, ever imagine. So much in fact that He didn’t spare His one and only Son’s life. Jesus died on the cross so that we could be as sparkling clean as the water in the pool. In other words, our sins were black, but Jesus washed us white as snow. Don’t die, my friends, without your pool inheritance!!! 🙂



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