My Aching Shoulders

There is only one thing wrong with being a writer, sitting at a computer most of the time. The middle of my shoulders start hurting and that makes me have to get away from the computer for a while; thus losing time on my project at hand.

I love to write. Whether it’s blogging, finishing my manuscript (which is due in 5 days), or simply sending a birthday card to a friend, writing brings me pleasure. ‘Writer’s Block’ is real though. I’m constantly trying to improve my skills and make sure my sentences are grammatically correct; not to mention the concentration needed for writing itself. My mind becomes clouded at times and I have to shut it off for a while.

Thank goodness Jesus didn’t do that when His shoulders were aching. He carried a heavy Cross for us. He was also hung to it with large nails going through His precious hands and feet. Jesus wasn’t able to stop and rest for bit, He had to carry on until the end. It was only for the Love He had for people that He suffered such torture.

I recently read about the Crucifixion in Mark 14:1-72, 15:1-39. It saddens me to read this passage, but I’m also thankful at the same time. I wish that Jesus didn’t have to die that way. His Love for us was so great that He endured beatings, mockery, loneliness, betrayal, and humiliation to make sure we didn’t have to die, though we are sinners.

When I shut off my computer for the day/night, I sit in my recliner to rest my back and shoulders. I’m going to start thinking of how Jesus may have felt with His whole body aching and stop whining and get back to work.

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