Prayer for the Washing Machine

About six months ago, my husband, Sam and I repaired our dryer; on our own. Seems the thermostat was out of business and it needed replacing. Me being determined and Sam a bit leery, we made our way to the little ole appliance store to find a thermostat.

We pulled the dryer from the wall and removed the back panel and tried to put in the thermostat. After almost being electrocuted and the dryer catching fire, we went back to the little ole appliance store and ask for directions for putting the device on the dryer. We got home put the piece on, and it worked. Matter of fact, it works better than before. It dries clothes until you turn the dryer off. It will not stop on its own. That dryer knew we meant business.

Here we are six months down the road and the washing machine decides to quit spinning the water out of the clothes. We opened the lid to a soggy mess. Determined me and leery Sam were going to try and fix it. This was more challenging than the drier. The washing machine was off balance. OH…MY… GOSH!!!! I told my husband, “Let’s see if this helps.” I kicked the washing machine repeatedly. He said, “Stop that. It’s not going to fix it, that will make it worse.”

We looked inside and twisted and turned the drum and finally I realized I should pray for it to work again. So I did. The next day I washed a load of clothes. I opened the lid and the clothes were spun so well that we almost didn’t need to dry them in our super powered dryer. I thanked God for the healing of the washing machine.

I’m not kidding, if something is important to God’s children, it’s important to Him. Big things, small things, and washing machines.

Water fall at Providence


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