Is It Well?

One of my favorite songs is “It Is Well with My Soul.” We sang it in church today. As I thought about what is truly well with my soul, I thought of one thing that includes many; what ever Jesus wants for my life.

Jesus was tortured and died on an old cross. Therefore, giving us the opportunity of salvation. Salvation, or knowing Jesus as our Personal Savior, is a free gift. The only way to obtain Salvation is to accept it. We can do nothing to earn it. We cannot:

  1. Live a good life.
  2. Treat others with kindness
  3. Go to church every time the doors are open
  4. Assume we are saved because all of our family members are

We can only ask Jesus to be Lord and Savior of our lives because without Him we are just a sinner. With Him, we are a sinner saved by His grace.

God showed me a few years ago what He wanted me to do with my life. Recently, He allowed me to step out on faith and take on another task that goes along with my mission in life. I love the way God is working in my life. I’m glad that He is using me as a vessel to relay to others the mistakes I’ve made, so they can avoid the troubles I had.

So, is it well with my soul? Yes it is!!!!!

The Clouds


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