My God Rains

My husband called this morning; he forgot his wallet. Living 40 miles away from his office and not a native of this area, I got lost. I noticed as I searched for his office that there was a dark cloud in the sky right above me. I finally found Sam’s office; the one that I’ve been to several times, but took a wrong turn this time 😦 The wallet was delivered and I was on my way home.

About the time I drove onto the interstate, the clouds opened up and rain came down so heavily that I could barely see the road in front of me. I sat up tall, tightened my grip on the steering wheel, and kept my eyes straight ahead. I could see street lights and my own headlights. At times, the rain was falling so heavily, my location was somewhat  impaired.

The rain finally quit, and the sky was light again. I began to relax as all was fresh and new from the rain. The flower beds were watered, and all seemed well on earth again.

Driving on the interstate in heavy rain, God showed me the symbolism to our life with Him.

1. A dark cloud – trouble in life

2. Heavy rain – the crying, the hurt, and pain from the trouble in life

3. Tight grip on steering wheel – going through the pain and remaining strong with God’s help

4. Head lights and street lights – God’s guidance during trouble and pain

5. Rain stopped and sky was light – made it to the end of the troubled road, and became closer to God along the way.

Wow!!! What a story that came from my husband’s wallet.

Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Proverbs 4:25

Our God not only Reigns, but He teaches us in the rain as well 🙂

Stormy day on Mobile Bay


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