Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

As long as I can remember, phases and styles have come and gone. If you didn’t like the style of everyone else, you were not allowed in the ‘in’ crowd. That told me that everyone was doing the same things, even if that wasn’t necessarily what they wanted to do.

Today, at an older age, I believe the style is, ‘think with your own brain.’ I know it is for me anyway. Don’t be persuaded to do what you know isn’t right; do your own thing. When another person doesn’t have the same thoughts as I do, wear the same type clothes as I do, or enjoy the same things as I do, I’m not offended. It’s their business; not mine. However, I do wish more Christians thought like this. And this is why:

Luke 7: 36 – 50, gives us a scenario of why we should not judge anyone because they are different from us. A Pharisee invited Jesus to his home for dinner. An immoral woman came to the house when she found out Jesus was there, and brought with her an expensive bottle of perfume. She knelt behind Jesus weeping. She poured the perfume on His feet, where her tears fell, and she wiped Jesus feet with her hair. She kept kissing His feet and pouring perfume on them.

Jesus knew the Pharisees’ questioned why He would let such a sinful woman around Him, Jesus reminded them that they didn’t even ask to wash the dust from His feet, when He arrived,  but the woman who sinned washed his feet and wiped them with her hair. Jesus also reminded them that they didn’t greet Him with a kiss, but the sinful woman kissed His feet, over and over. (Paraphrased)

This lady thought with her own brain. She didn’t care what the ‘religious people’ thought. She did what she knew would wash away her sin; Get close to Jesus.

Well, now you know who came to dinner; however, dinner didn’t have anything to do with food. Dinner showed the difference between loving Jesus and being religious.



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