What’s Up With the Water?

About a month ago, I started spilling water. I’m serious! I spilled it off of my night stand into my purse. After changing purses, I filled that one with water as well. A few weeks went by and I started noticing a pattern; spill water on my clothes, in my car, in the house. I didn’t know what to think about this. When I spilled water, laughter spilled on me, so I started laughing about it; water running down my leg and I’m laughing :)Then I started questioning it. I didn’t feel like this was something happening to me because I was clumsy. I felt like it may something in the spiritual world.

When I arrived home from a trip yesterday, once again, I spilled water in my car. Questions rolled through my mind; why is this happening so much lately, so much that I’m noticing it. While I was chuckling, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Your cup runneth over.” WOW!! I get very happy and excited when the Holy Ghost speaks to me. And now I had an answer; a reminder.

I am loved unconditionally by the one and only God, the One that flung the stars into the sky. I have family whether blood or not, that love me. I have many people to love. My family, friends, and I are healthy, happy, have homes, and lots of food. I have grandchildren; enough said 🙂 Many people don’t have these luxuries that we take for granted every single day.

All of us have dreams and goals that we are working toward, but we have to realize that what happens between the beginning of our dreams and that dream coming to fruition, is called LIFE. We must learn to thank God for what we have now and pray a blood covering over our family, friends, and ourselves.

So, what’s up with the water? It’s not just for drinking.



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