The Rainy Mower

I woke up the other morning with a goal that I was determined to finish, that day. My goal was to cut the grass, and weed the flower beds. I got started with the back yard and finished it, but had to stop and go to an appointment. I returned home and cranked that lawn mower again; only for it to start raining.

My husband was home from work by this time. He was watching me cut the grass, since I’ve broken two windows, ran into the house, dented the fence, and ran over something that became wedged in the blade. I like to cut the grass, but he practically begged me not to. Being the competitive person I am, I was going to mow the lawn with no injuries.

When the rain became drenching, my husband gave up and went inside so he wouldn’t get wet.. He didn’t  finish his goal of watching me, to make sure I didn’t run over the dog or something horrible like that. I kept right on going with determination to reach that goal. It was kind of fun; it wasn’t too hot and I had my ear buds in listening to one of my favorite praise albums.

At that moment, God showed me the symbolism between working in the rain, pressing on toward finishing and the distractions of life that keep us from doing what we know God wants us to do.

When a trouble comes, we tend to abandon our goal, go where it’s safe, and never finish what God wants. The trouble is that the enemy is trying to keep us from God’s work.

I mowed every inch of the yard. When I was done with the grass cutting, the sun came out and I started cleaning the flower bed, I had perfect whether. I kept my ear buds in with my praise music and praised God right in the front yard; raising my hands and all that. I’m sure my neighbors think I should be in a room with padded walls.

I didn’t care what anyone thought because this experience showed me, I will press on and FINISH what God has planned for me regardless of what satan throws my way.

Oh, and by the way, there was no lightening during the rain because satan has to go through God to get to us and God may try our faith to make it stronger, but He will not let anything happen that we don’t have an opportunity to learn a lesson from; even the rainy mower 🙂

White Flowers



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