From a Far

I’m farsighted. I know people who are nearsighted as well. Not being able to see well up close means that if I’m reading a label or something, I have to hold it three feet from my face to read it.

This may sound strange, but this scenario could be used for relationships too. We can read in the Bible in Luke 6: 27 -28, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you.”

That’s always been difficult for me. I would think to myself, well, if this person hates me then I’m going to hate them for hating me. How ridiculous!!! Not everyone is going to love us; we will have enemies. As a matter of fact, we have enemies now. They may be what I call frienemies. People who appear to be your friend, but show no sign of friendship. It may even be part of your family; which is awfully sad.

God says to love them and He made no exceptions. So, how do we handle it. We ask for God’s strong, and immediate help. If you have a chance to help someone who’s done you wrong, be the person that you are; that you’ve grown into with God’s help in dealing with situations like this. Don’t be a roller coaster of emotions.

My mom told me when I was in 6th grade, to kill my teacher with kindness. She was paying extra special attention to me (not in a good way.) I did what my mom said. I even gave her a Christmas present before we left school for Christmas holidays. And guess what? My mama was right!!

Pray for the ones who have used you, and cursed you. Make that cognizant decision that you are going to be good to your enemies. Because we do not battle each other. The battle is between God and satan. And we already know who wins.

God didn’t say we had to be close to our enemies, He just said to love them. We have to change our mindset and realize they’re actually helping us to grow in Christ. We just have to change our mindsets to love instead of hate, because God is Love. He didn’t say we had to love them near, we can love them from a far.


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