Love You Forever

As we celebrate mothers around the world, most everyone thinks their mom is the best. Sorry my friends, my mom was the best 🙂

God called her home on March 9, 2011. There is a hole in my heart that will be there forever because of it. The only comfort I get from her death is that I know she is in Heaven with Jesus and that’s where she always wanted to be.

I  have the most difficult time on Mama’s birthday, mothers day, holidays, my birthday, the date of her death each year, and all the days that end in “Y”.

Since my personality tends to be charismatic, I have an assertiveness about me that embarrassed Mama sometimes. So her advice to me ALL the time was, “Be sweet, Lisa.” That’s what I heard the most other than,  “I love you, baby.”

I bought her a Mother’s Day card this year. All of the emotions I feel for her, I wrote inside the card; which took up the whole inside. And I put a picture of the two of us, taken on the way to a mother-daughter banquet at her church, with it so I could look at it today. The photo was taken while she was going through chemotherapy, so she wore a wig since she lost lots of hair. I wanted to place the card and photo on her headstone, but couldn’t be in Mobile this weekend. I will wait until I’m able to go. Crazy? Maybe. Sincere? Absolutely.

Psalm 116:15 reads,  “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful servants.” No wonder God called her home early.



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