Lamentations is a book of the Bible located between Jeremiah and Ezekiel. And if you’re like me, the preacher has already begun preaching before I find it. If it helps, it begins on page 1189 if you have the same version of the Bible as me (Life Application Study Bible.)

I visited a church in Mobile, Alabama a few weeks ago. The pastor gave such incredible insight on the book of Lamentations; I think I wrote every word he said in my sermon notes. Maybe as I share with you what I learned, you can apply it to your life as I did.

1) Lament comes from the root word Lamentations.

2) The definition of Lament is a passionate expression of grief or sorrow; wailing, moaning, crying, sobbing, weeping.

3) It’s alright to be upset with God when you are having a difficult time.

4) Lamenting before God allows you to vent and cry, as our Loving Father listens. My personal belief is that His heart is smiling because you’re His child, and you chose to talk to Him.

5) Before you’re done lamenting, you will be praising God for His goodness and mercy, and His relentless, everlasting love.

So, I tried it. I had a situation in my life that had been hurting in my heart for a long time. I was in the rain, in the front yard, planting flowers. I began digging, and with each flower I planted, the stabbing of the dirt with my hand shovel got harder and harder. I was upset, talking/crying to my Heavenly Father, and beating the dirt like it was a snake.

What the pastor said that day was true. When I was done telling God what I didn’t like and what I wanted instead, I found my heart and mouth praising God for soo many things; His inconceivable love, my salvation, the love of my family and friends, Gods goodness and mercy, and the fact that Jesus loves me even if I make mistakes.

When I was done lamenting, and gardening in the rain, I wondered if any of my neighbors had been watching. Then I realized, I didn’t care, because I felt a sense of peace that passed all understanding.

While I was landscaping a beautiful flower garden, I discovered something else. I talk to myself. The scary part was, I answered me back.



  1. Thats really good, my bff! The important for me to remember from what you wrote is that it is even more important to praise God, even through our laments!

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