The Walk of Shame

I’m currently writing a new book with a working title of, “The Art of Loving Yourself.” I want to share with everyone the importance of loving themselves, and the trouble I had learning the concept. It all starts with finding our worth in God.

My opinion is that a lot of people learned John 3:16 as their first Bible verse. It shows how much Jesus loved us. He gave up His life for us. Not only did He die, Jesus was tortured before He died. It makes us sad to know what He went through, but most blessed that He did.

Let’s look at another verse that shows God’s love for us. Luke 15:11-32. Jesus told parables to symbolize things for His Disciples to help them understand what He was trying to teach them. I encourage you to read those verses on the Prodigal Son.

Most of us have heard about this parable as well, but I have never thought about it like the pastor of my daughter’s church preached it on Easter Sunday morning.

We know, like a child would say, there was a good son and a bad son. What I would like to focus on the way in which the bad son left and how his father reacted. When his son left with his inheritance and never wanted to see his father again, we might think of what we would do. Maybe, move away and not leave a forwarding address. That’s not what this father did. He waited on the front porch anxiously to see if his son would return.

Finally, one day the father saw his son walking the long path back to his dad’s house. The father ran to meet his son and hugged and kissed him and showered him with fine clothes and a great feast. He wasnt angry at all. He was thankful that his son came back.

The picture the pastor painted in my head that day, God placed in my heart. Jesus never moves away from us, but sometimes we get off track and move away from Him. God continues to love us and as we make that walk of shame back to Jesus after we’ve done things we think would make God hate us. God is not angry, He gives us a fresh new start every morning. He may not be please with us at times, but never once does He stop loving us. And when we make that long, nervous walk back to God, He smiles and wraps His arms around us and welcomes us back. He never moves a way from us. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.



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