Lisa is Amazed

I guess I was meant to be a writer much earlier than I thought. On scratch paper or in a notebook,  I’ve written words that I find interesting, songs, poems, and anything I feel in my heart God wants me to write, so I will remember it later.  As I was rumbling through old notes I’ve jotted down here and there through the years, I came across a phrase I wrote, “God said I would be a nurse.”

This surprised me, because at this point in my life I have no desire to work as a nurse. There was a time when I was in college that I changed majors and started studying to get into nursing school. Since I failed Algebra three times and had to drop it once to keep my GPA from plummeting, I decided I wouldn’t make it through college. My hopes of becoming a nurse went right down the drain. I questioned why God laid on my heart to write that I would be a nurse, or maybe I heard Him wrong.

When I read the inspiring words that God spoke to me about nursing in 2011, He showed me how I had been a nurse for 27 years. I’ve nursed two people back to health, I nursed my mother and my brother- in- law, which both lost their battles with cancer, until God called them home. I am currently taking care of my mother- in- law due to her having a stroke. I’m not writing this to give myself praise, all the praise goes to God, but rather to let you know that when you receive a message from God, it may be literal, or it may be symbolic.

Now that I’m passionate about writing and became an author in January of 2014, I will share something with you. I’m amazed at how God works, truly amazed!!


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