Look the Other Way

Can I see a show of hands for the ones of us who have seen a man/woman standing on the side of the road, with a sign, asking for money or food? I raised my hand. I confess to you that I don’t know what to do in that situation.

My dad was a truck driver. He saw many folks standing along side of the road with signs stating money or food was needed. Daddy always went to a ‘fast food’ drive through and bought a meal and took it back to the sign holder. The person that had a real need for food, graciously accepted. Others only wanted money; no food.

Times are tough these days, and getting tougher. I’m ever so thankful that I’m not the one standing on side of the road; most especially not my family and friends. The situation saddens me greatly, though. I’m still left with the question, “What is my part in this situation?” Should I stop and give money? Should I buy food and give it to them? I still don’t have a clue!!!!

Jesus explains the answer in Matthew 25:35-40. He says to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, look after the sick, visit those in prison, and take in the homeless; If we do those things for them, we are doing them for Jesus.

God knows that we cannot feed everyone, or take strangers into our homes; however doing research to find places that can help the less fortunate, would be a good place to start.

The next time I see someone on the street with a sign, I’m going to ask God what to do. Instead of looking the other way, I’m going to be ready with information. As I’m writing this, I had an idea!!! An inexpensive card, (business card size) that would have the names and addresses of places that take in the homeless and provide food. Maybe even places that provide employment assistance.

God will lead us all in different ways to help. God will also show us which ones are sincerely in need and those that are not. Let’s just not look the other way anymore.


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