Nothing at All

Some call it, “writer’s block.” I call it, “I got nothing!!” I once heard, a writer is either writing or thinking about writing. That’s true for me, but when I get to my computer, sometimes the words won’t flow. My husband tells me that I shouldn’t try to force a blog; write when God lays a message on my heart to share with others. That’s been proven great advice.

There is a twist to sitting in front of the computer with nothing on my heart, though. Feelings rise inside me and inspire me to get to the computer. Once I’m on my blog page, God opens the flood gate. Words hit the page that I hadn’t thought about. That’s God’s work. After all, that’s the reason I believe God allows me to write at all; to try and help others get the message the Lord wants them to have at the time He wants them to have it. Since all of my blogs are inspired by God, I learn as well.

I get happy like a child in a toy store when the Holy Spirit speaks to me and gives me the exact message I should share. Writing the general message that I hear in my spirit, on my little chubby notebook that I keep in my purse at all times, assures me of writing what I’m supposed to. My notebook is always close at hand in case I’m inspired when I’m not expecting it. Once, my notebook was not with me, so I wrote on my hand.

While I’m sitting here tonight typing, I’m still wondering what the ending and inspiration is going to be. I believe I just received it. The Bible reads, “……..don’t worry about how to respond or what to say. God will give you the right words at the right time.” Matthew 10:19.

My husband is right (I don’t like saying that much šŸ™‚ Don’t force yourself to write, but if you feel inspired and have nothing at all in mind to write about; open a new page and before long you will have 352 words like I have now.



  1. You probably won’t believe this but I had what I thought was writers block but I always pray before I write..I just said tonight that I didn’t want to force it..that God would tell me what to write when I needed to! This post was right on time for me..I needed to read this!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! God truly speaks through you!! You are blessed! ! Thank You..Thank You


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