Grown Up Accomplishments

* Preparing food for the workers of the 9/11 disaster while they attempted to find just one more survivor –

* Standing in awe atop the Empire State Building feeling like I can almost touch God –

* Singing on stage, competing for the “American Idol” title –

* Sailing around the entire continental United States, taking in beauty that is unimaginable –

I wish I could say that I have accomplished the list above. Unfortunately, I haven’t achieved any of them.

My list of accomplishments, so far, are major events for me; maybe simple for most people.

* Witnessing the births of both of my grandchildren made me aware that God performs miracles everyday.

* Learning of the LOVE that Jesus has for me that I can’t do anything to earn, it’s a free gift, allowed me to learn to love myself. (I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life on May 6, 1996, the best day of my life.)

* I published a book that is available around the world via ebook, “A Time to Keep and a Time to Throw Away”, that will prayerfully keep others from falling into a dark pit that’s difficult to get out of.

* I took a train ride from New Orleans, Louisiana to Yuma Arizona, alone, to visit my daughter. It was a very good trip for me. Showed me I can do things on my own.

* Singing with my church choir gave me the opportunity to be apart of a recording session for a new worship CD through Integrity Music.

* High above the clouds, I found myself clinging to my faith in God to fly in an airplane; something I said I would never do. I’m glad I went through with it. By depending on my faith in God, it made my relationship with Him stronger.

I’m sure, to you, the above accomplishments sound better than my smaller ones. That’s just it though, they were huge to me. It took stepping out of my comfort zone and walking in my faith. I say that I have faith in God, and during those times, I had to prove it. It felt good!!!!

As I continue to climb the ladder to bigger and more grown up accomplishments, I will continue to practice putting my faith into motion. God’s Word reads, “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” James 2:17

Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!!



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