Crisis Laughter

This time last year, I was extremely miserable! My stomach hurt so badly, that I went to 3 different hospitals before a Nurse Practitioner finally diagnosed me. I can assure you there was nothing I wanted to laugh about during that time. Now that the gallbladder adventure is over, I remember things that are hilarious to me, a year later.

While I was visiting my daughter in Mobile, I had, what we would eventually find out to be, a gallbladder attack. I told her she needed to take me to the hospital immediately (after having a heart attack 2 years prior, any pain from my abdomen upwards, gets checked out in the emergency room immediately.) The only vehicle readily available at that time, was a truck that my daughter (5’0) almost needed a small step ladder to get into. Cecily is driving me to the hospital. I’m in the front passenger seat squirming because of the pain. All of a sudden, I noticed that we were not going very fast. I looked over at Cecily, she could barely see over the steering wheel, and she was only going 45 mph. I yelled, “Step on it!” She said, “Mom, I’m driving the speed limit.” My reply was, “Forget that…step on it!”

At the time, I was hurting, and upset with my daughter for trying to be a good citizen when her mother was sick. After all, she could have put on the emergency flashers, and sped. In my attempts to get comfortable, I tried lying sideways in the seat, knee’s in the floor, feet on the head rest, and head out the window. There were no positions that would ease the pain.

Now that it’s over and my gallbladder is out, I laugh out loud sometimes when I’m alone, and think back on it. All I can see is my little daughter driving a big truck and can barely see the road ahead of her, driving very slowly while her mother is in the passenger seat trying to get comfortable enough to get to the hospital.

As Christians, we are not promised a non-crisis life. However; God did say in the Scriptures that there is a season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1.) One of those seasons may be hard, another easy. But we should keep in mine, whatever we are going through right now will be totally different next year. When your season of crisis rolls around, God help you, but keep your eyes open and you just might find laughter for later.



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