Your Island, My Island

Gilligan’s Island, Fantasy Island, the Hawaiian Islands, Treasure Island, the Cayman Islands; Some fictitious, some real. Some funny to watch, others lovely to visit.

Ever had a day or problem when the thought of being stranded on a deserted island sounded like the best thing ever? I have. The stressors of life; work, school, phones, dogs barking, babies crying, cleaning house, paying bills…..Calgon take me away!!

There are other reasons for desiring to be alone:
1. A friend is depressed, but when you try to comfort her, she remarks, “You can’t help me. Leave me alone for a while, and I’ll be fine. I’m not hurting anyone.” The truth is, she couldn’t be farther from the truth! If my friend is hurting, I’m hurting for and with her. If she can’t go to work, her company suffers, because she is leaving the work her supervisor entrusted her with, undone.

2. Your kids are driving you batty, stuck in the house all week because of the rain. The house is a mess. How can you save any time for cleaning, with the kids driving you out of your mind? Bills are piling up, and you need to buy groceries. You think to yourself, I’ll get in my car and run away for a few days. That would give me time for myself to gather my thoughts, and besides, my husband needs to take his turn with the crazy children. “They won’t even know I’m gone”, you say. The moment you drive away from the house is the moment your ‘island’ becomes crowded. Your husband can’t go to work without a babysitter, and he misses you. The children cry, because only mommy can do things the right way. Your choice to go away, doesn’t only affect you.

Jesus said in Romans 14:7, “For none of us lives for ourselves alone, and none of us dies for ourselves alone.” Remember the saying, no man is an island? The above is only 2 examples of how your decisions affect others.

As long as time remains on this earth, we will have good days and island days. Please don’t misunderstand me, my opinion is that we should all take time for ourselves; to do things that we enjoy. Hire a babysitter and head to the gym. Go the the beach and soak up some sun. That may help your depression. Come back refreshed with a brand new attitude. You must take care of yourself, so that you may help others. Just don’t run away, and hide!!! Take the cares of your world to the “Father”. Jesus hears His children when they pray. He is beside you awaiting your call for help.

Just like the angels in Heaven waiting to hear the voice of Jesus say, “Take me away from this torture”, (which He didn’t.) God is willing and ready, and perfectly capable of showing you ways to handle your situation at hand. I usually experience my help immediately when I call upon His Name.

Just like we have all discovered, the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, the island is not going to bring you peace, when being there to escape pressure, makes the ones who love you, miserable.



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