The fear of public speaking is a phobia. It is know as glossophobia. The National Institute of Mental Health indicates 74% of people suffer from this anxiety. Other phobias wreak havoc on our lives as well:

1. Kainotophobia – fear of change.

2. Monophobia – fear of being alone.

3. Claustrophobia – fear of confined spaces.

4. Ennisophobia – fear of being criticized.  And that is where my story begins.

I don’t know of anyone who typically likes to be criticized. Constructive criticism is ‘supposedly’ helpful. It still leaves us with a feeling of dissatisfaction in ourselves. The average person enjoys a “Kudos” from time to time.

God works with us, teaches us a massive amount of life lessons. It seems as though we graduate from one area of improvement, and then another begins. I personally enjoy a challenge, but there are times when God’s teaching and timing takes several attempts by us, to achieve a breakthrough. My thought is; He wants us to find our worth in Him and draw us closer to Him. The lessons are to help us when satan discovers a weak area in our lives that he can use to bring us down. If we let him.

It hasn’t been long enough to be funny to me yet, but I made a ‘boo boo’ on Monday morning. I have a strong compassion for our Military folks; past, present, and future. When I think of men and women leaving their families and homes behind to fight for our country to be safe, paints a picture in my mind of Christ dying for all of us on the cross. Of course, Jesus’ sacrifice was the ultimate sacrifice. It’s hard to imagine a human in today’s world that would put their live on the line so the rest of us could sleep peacefully at night.

Anyway, I sprang from bed early on Monday, and ran to my computer with words inspired by God for our veterans. I brought the computer up and opened, yes, facebook (what did we ever do without social media.) I began with heartfelt gratitude, writing my post. When it was complete, I felt a peace within my heart for giving thanks in an area where there is not enough thanks given. As I began to receive sweet notes back on my post, it hit me; today is not Veteran’s Day!!!!!! It’s tomorrow!!!

I’m not sure if I actually screamed or not, but I felt embarrassed.  Much to my surprise, I received several comments emphasizing how much they appreciated my remembrance of them that have served. For a few hours, I felt defeated by the enemy because he wanted me to think that the readers of my post would laugh or criticize me (they may have, but that’s ok.) God began a lesson He has been teaching me for a long time now; I do not find my worth in what others think of me. My worth comes from Him.

By the end of the day, I felt better. Not enough to laugh at myself yet, but enough to know it was the meaning of perpetual thanks for our Veterans that was important. Not my mistake. “Greater love has no one than this, than one lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13.



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