Moving the Refrigerator

My husband and I had an interesting time on Saturday moving our refrigerator. You see, we’ve had it for a few years, but a part that was underneath it, went bad. We were told that it may cost more to replace that piece than purchase a new refrigerator. OK, so we decided to buy a new one.

In order to move in a new frig, we had remove the old one. We thought we would move it out of the house, clean up the mess, and enjoy the rest of our evening. Nothing even similar to that happened.

The refrigerator had wheels. That was a good thing! We rolled it to the back door of the kitchen, only to discover that the back door was not large enough for it to be moved out without taking the back door off of the hinges. I told my husband that we may need to remove the back door. He thought about different things we could do, but finally came back to first idea; remove the door from the hinges!! We removed the door, and the monstrosity with lots of frustration, impatience, blood, sweat, and tears. After removing the back door, we still had to remove the refrigerator doors, and had to beat part of the refrigerator with a hammer, so it would fit through the door. It it was finally outside!!

Water from the ice maker, that was no longer there, flooded the floors. We put every towel we owned on the floor to dry the water, but it kept flowing. Sam had an idea; turn off the water from the outside. That was a GREAT idea. The water stopped, and we were able to get the kitchen cleaned, but we had no water to wash our hands, to drink, or to bathe with. By the time we were done with this major undertaking, my hand was bruised from being caught between the door and, yes, the refrigerator. My hand would have been broken had Sam not thought quickly. Sam’s blood pressure was ….you don’t want to know. We had to put all of our food that we could save in an ice chest. First we had to go out and purchase an ice chest. Both of us looked like we had been trampled by the University of Alabama football team trying to beat the Auburn Tigers (state rivalry).

On Monday morning, Sam called to order a new refrigerator, the customer service representative informed him, “It’s under warranty.” When it is sitting on the back porch with both doors off and bent, and hammer dents, I doubt it is still under warranty!!!

As I was thinking about this ridiculous situation that seems hilarious, now that it’s over, God laid on my heart that this is what happens when we get ahead of Him. We were so determined to get the refrigerator out of the house, and a new one brought in, that we took the situation into our own hands, and made a mess of it.

God says in His Word, Isaiah 40:31, “But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Although, our kitchen appliance adventure was not a major crisis, it could have been easier on us had we waited and called customer service on Monday. A lot of times, we want to make decisions without praying and waiting on the answer from God. When we think back at times when we did wait for an answer from God, the situation was taken care of easily. The end result was not always what we wanted, but always what we needed, even if we didn’t know it!!!



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