Sermon Notes

Sunday when I walk into church, I’m handed a program. This typically tells what songs we will sing, missionary trips that are in the near future, small groups that are offered, and other items of importance. My favorite page in the program is the one that says, “Sermon Notes.”

This is where I write what God lays on my heart, during the sermon, for myself or maybe for someone who may need it later. Other times, God speaks to my heart about what He would like for me to share with you.

My sermon notes came in handy one particular Sunday morning. The Pastor began reading from Genesis. He read about how Eve gave birth to the first children on the earth. Cain and Abel. How many times through the years have we heard sermons or read about the first chapter of the Old Testament? I’ve read it many times, but this particular time was different.

The first thing I learned, new was, since we are created in the image of God, women have children. God made man and woman, and together man and woman make children. I had never heard it worded quite that way, but it gave me hope that all of the things God did on the earth, we can do. We can cast out demons, we can lay hands on someone who needs healing, we can go out into the world and minister for God’s honor and glory. There are many things that Jesus did as a human, that He has given us the opportunity to do. We have to have faith though. James 2:26 reads, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” WOW!!!

The second new thing I learned is, the first murder took place between brothers. Both Cain and Abel were asked to bring sacrifices to the Lord. They were told specifically what to bring. Abel did just as God asked. Cain brought what he wanted to bring. The Pastor said that he believes that God being a loving God, gave Cain another chance, but Cain brought again what he wanted, not what the Lord wanted. Because the Lord blessed Abel for his sacrifice and not Cain, Cain became jealous of his brother, and killed him. And as we know, Cain wondered restlessly for the rest of his life.

My mind immediately went to the question, would we have known what murder was if Cain had not slaughtered his brother? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I’m pretty sure I will ponder it for the rest of my life; especially when I watch the news.

As a writer, I always have pen and paper with me. The sweet Spirit of God tells me what I should blog; maybe the title or a few sentences. I don’t want to forget it, so I write it down as soon as I hear from God. If I’m driving, I grab my pen and write a few words on my hand that will jog my memory. When I arrive at my destination, I write down every word that I heard from God.

When you arrive at church and read in your program that the Preacher will be preaching on a passage of Scripture that you’ve heard 95 times, don’t close your mind, your ears, or your heart. Don’t think about what’s for lunch, either. Yes, I’ve done that before too. Take out your pen and your sermon notes and ask God to show you something new. Be very careful though……you will be so excited, you may try some of the things that God did while He was in human form.



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