Negativity No-No’s

Do you watch the news? I like to keep up with weather conditions, so I watch when I have time. How do you feel when you are done watching? My mind goes straight to, what is this world coming to? The stories go from bad to worse. Rarely the anchor men/women will add cheer to the broadcast by throwing in a ‘happy ending’ story.

Imagine with me for a moment, what the news would be like if the show was made up of the following:                                      1. A group of kids from a local church are spending their Saturdays helping elderly folks do chores.                                    2. The number of people that showed up to help feed the homeless, outnumbered fans at a football game.                            3. Let’s share ways to save money, like using coupons.                                                                                                            4. Invite the public to call in and offer information about upcoming events in the surrounding communities.

Would you take time to watch that news cast? Why is negativity so entertaining? I don’t have an answer for that! Perhaps, the answer is related to the words that come from our mouths. Several people in a business office, stressed, busy, trying to out run the clock to get their work done, become disheartened. But, why? My guess is that there is no one that has anything positive to say. You can get your work done with a positive attitude, and a kind words to coworkers. Instead, the scenario goes the opposite way. Someone makes a mistake or another person in the office is having a hard time with an issue at home. Those are things that good gossip starts with. Stories like that make their way around the office like a rat chasing after cheese.


What do you think would happen in the above stressful office if someone broke the chain by giving a cohort a compliment, or word of praise? Often times the nice things that people do, go unnoticed. That just might be acceptable if the bad things went unnoticed as well. It’s more interesting to spread gossip around the office, instead of encouragement.

I made a conscious decision today. Everyday I will give an encouraging word to someone. Proverbs 3:27 reads, “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.” I will overlook others weaknesses and magnify their strengths. I certainly could use the overlooking of my shortcomings.

Making the world a better place, can start right now with you and me. Let’s outweigh the horrible news, like what we hear on television, with meaningful, encouraging, and inspiring words and actions. Take a stand! Even if you are the only one in your home or your office, keep a good attitude. Keep smiling, and keep spreading encouragement. Pretty soon, the people that know you will either think you’re crazy or they will follow your lead.    



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