Does God Like Football?

It’s that time again. Time to put on our favorite collegiate clothes and accessories, buy our favorite snacks, gather with friends, and get ready for some football!! Whether you watch it at home on television or you travel to the ball fields, it’s an exciting time for fans. The rivalry between teams gets very interesting at times. Some take it seriously, some not so seriously, and some root for one team only (That would be me). I won’t tell you what team I like.

The seasons change from summer to fall, and then from fall to winter. All during football season. Some of my favorite holidays occur as well; Thanksgiving and Christmas. As we enter the autumnal equinox, we feel a nip in the air, we see the fans laughing and eating and having lots of fun. Then comes Christmas shopping and rushing to get home in time to watch your favorite team play. I know people who plan their lives around a football schedule.

A smile shines on my face as I see my husband enjoying himself with every touchdown his team scores. He’s like a kid on his birthday opening presents. My heart is full of joy having my daughter and son-in-law join us at the stadium for a game. As happy as I am to see the sparkle in my family’s eyes, think about how much our Heavenly Father enjoys watching His children have fun.

“Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4. We can think about this in two ways. 1. If you delight in the Lord, He will give you what you desire. 2. If you delight in the Lord, He will put desires in your heart, and He will fulfill them. As for me, I ask God to put what desires He wants me to have, in my heart. God gave me a desire to write, so I wrote a book. I have other desires that I am trusting that God put into my heart and will fulfill. I will keep the faith until He does.

If you have a strong desire for football, God may have put it there for a reason. You never know who you are going to sit by at a game, and what they may be going through. I often pray that my team wins. And that the players will be safe. I see teams that kneel to pray before the game starts. That simple act can minister to lots of fans.

Take God to the football game with you. Ask Him to let you minister while you’re there. If you’re home watching the games, whoever God lays on your heart to invite over, invite them. I assure you He has His reasons. As the season comes and goes, enjoy yourself and imagine God smiling, because His children are having fun.




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