Help Wanted: Harvesters

It’s time to work. Time for all Christ followers to help reap the harvest. “He said to His disciples, the harvest is great, but the workers are few”, Matthew 9:37.

How do you plant a fruit tree?

1. Dig a hole in the soil.

2. Plant the seed.

3. Fertilize and water the seed.

4. Pick the fruit from the tree.

Seems simple enough. Actually, it was simple. I planted flowers this spring. I had so much fun playing in the dirt. It’s good for the soul. As I broke the soil and dug a hole to plant the seeds, I felt renewed. The sun was bright, and felt good on my skin. A little nip was still in the air. Winter was over and the snow was gone, but still a bit cool, until the sunshine fell on my face. My imagination took me away, and excitement filled my heart as I thought about how the flower bed would look when all the flowers bloomed.

A few weeks later, my flowers were smiling at me. Their faces all glowing as if they had just awaken from a long winter’s nap. I was so excited. I took pictures and posted them on several social media outlets.

Next question; How do you win a soul to Christ?

1. Dig a hole in the soil – show kindness to someone.

2. Plant the seed – live in such a way, they see Jesus in you.

3. Fertilize the seed – share with them ways that God has helped you.

4. Pick the fruit from the tree – when a crisis arises in their life (and it will), take that opportunity to show them how to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

God says in His Word that we were all made to do something. Some of us were made to be hole diggers, some seed planters, some seed fertilizers, and some harvesters of the souls (fruit).

Everyday there is a chance to live out the Bible to someone. Nothing fake, just the sincere faith that God loves us, and He wants us to love Him and know Him on a personal level.

Say a prayer and find out what your job is. Time passes quickly. Soon there will be no time left to plant, fertilize, or harvest. At the end of time, our hearts will be broken if we see someone cast into the lake of fire that we knew, and didn’t take the time to dig our hands into the soil.







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