Time Flys……….

My mother-in-law said four little words that made a big difference in my thought process. Her response to my statement, “time flys” was, “It’s because you’re happy.” WOW!!! I pondered that for a couple of days, and remembered an old saying that I’ve heard for years, “Time flys when you’re having fun.”

This past weekend I spent three glorious days with my family at the beach. We all had a great time, and created lasting memories. The time seemed to pass so quickly. Far too quickly.

Most days I feel as if I’m chasing the clock. The piles of work on my desk grow larger, as the clock ticks quicker. We’ve already nestled into August. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I worry about getting my work done everyday. I worry about getting all of my Christmas shopping done in time. This says to me that I must be living in the future, not the present. Matthew 6:34 reads, “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

So, I bring myself back into the present and realize, as I write my thoughts on this page, I’m watching the clock to make sure I get my hot tea before 9:00 pm. What???? That is absolutely ridiculous!!! I love to write. When I see that others read my blog packed with things that really happen to me, It makes me feel as if someone has related to my story. Even happier if someone looks to God.

I’ve learned over the years that happiness comes from within. Events cause us to get excited one minute and upset the next. If we base our happiness on events, then we will ride a roller coaster of emotions. Sincere, true joy doesn’t take us through highs and lows. Joy is level and doesn’t change with the times.

My revelation from the words my mother-in-law spoke, taught me to slow down, and enjoy the hour, minute, second that I’m in, because time does fly. I will never have the next ten minutes back, so whatever I do, I know I will be happy. The reason I know is, time flys when you’re having fun.


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