It’s Time for a Change

Most people I know, frown upon change. Change is losing control; creating a new normal. It’s unknown territory, and you don’t know how you will adjust, or if you will. Then you have the ‘ole’ status quo, don’t fix it if it’s not broken. Don’t forget menopause; ‘the change’. Need I say more?

Now let’s talk about people. How many of us have tried to change someone? I raised my hand. Perhaps, you have a coworker, friend, or family member that doesn’t live according to your standards. You urge them to make changes, but they are looking at your life, and you don’t’ live up to their standards. Why put yourself through this? The more you try, the more miserable you become. So, why can’t we understand, WE CANNOT CHANGE PEOPLE!!!

Why do we want to change others? Maybe it’s because we want them to act the way that we want them to, instead of the way God made them. Don’t misunderstand, we can help people everyday by giving them words of encouragement, or helping them accomplish simple, everyday tasks that seem overwhelming to them.

Jesus made the ultimate change. He left Heaven and came to live on earth as a human, so He could help us live instead of die in our sin. Not everyone wants His help, and He is too much of a gentleman to force Himself on anyone.

I have to make a cognizant decision everyday. That is to help anyone that I can, and recognize that I cannot help someone who doesn’t want my help. The Bible says that Jesus went about doing good. I want to do that too, but there will be barriers that I cannot cross. I must acknowledge that I can only adjust the way I act and react toward others. And that’s it!

My opinion is that the world needs a lot of help. Lot’s of changes need to be made.
My prayer is that God will start, with me.



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