What Can You Say, It’s Family

Spending the 4th of July with family, made me realize many things. Family is made up of love. Although my entire family wasn’t with me, I love the ones who were.

Our day was complete with more food than we could eat in a month, sun-shining over head with a gentle breeze, swimmers, boaters, and fellowship. Most of us sat on a deck by the water watching the boats go by, full of smiling faces.

Cousins, second cousins, mothers and daughters, daddys and sons enjoying each others company was heart warming. Also, hugging, kissing, and ‘I love yous’ all around gave me a feeling of peace. All the insecurities of the world went away. The troubles from the past work week vanished. I found myself missing other parts of the family that weren’t able to make it to our party. I missed friends that couldn’t make it as well.

Life with family isn’t always as easy as the day we spent together yesterday. Some were angry with others. Others were not invited due to inappropriate behavior. Things of that nature are never easy, but necessary to avoid confrontation. My past mistakes were whispered about from friends that walked up to eat with us. I had to go on about my business because, I too, was asking questions about shortcomings of people that were there.

My mind goes straight to Jesus and how He loves us, shortcomings and all. I believe that He gave us family to model His love for us. God loves us even though He doesn’t agree with everything that we’ve done in our lives. He also says that if we ask forgiveness for our sin, He will separate us from it as far as the east is from the west and He will remember it no more. I count on that everyday! I can picture Jesus shaking His head at some of the things that we do and saying with a smile, ” Will my children ever learn.” That’s funny to me because I’ve said that about my child, but love her with all of my heart anyway.

God doesn’t get angry with us when we are trying to do right, but show our human nature at times. Think about the way you feel when your children are trying to live right, but because they are human, fail from time to time. We still love them through it all, and encourage them of what could possibly help them the next time they are faced with a difficult choice.

What I’m saying is, just like our Father in Heaven, we have to over look choices our family members have made. When they come back to the ones that love them, we take them right back into our arms with love. What can you say, it’s family!!!


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