Simple Love

My grandson, Caleb, often says, “I love you, Meme”, when I go for a visit. Those four simple words that come out of his mouth puts me on my knees thanking God for the love of that child. I respond with,” I love you too sweetheart.” For Caleb, it’s simple, he loves his grandmother. He doesn’t have to work for my love, nor do I for his. On the other hand, there is Carlie, my granddaughter. I say, “Carlie, I love you.” She says nothing. I say, “Do you love Meme?” She says, “yes.” There is nothing hard about that either. Nothing to over-think, nothing to fret over, just simple love.

By simple, I don’t mean, ‘not important.’ It is easy for me to love my grandchildren – not a thing hard about it. It’s a true, deep love that will last until I breathe my last breath. God says in His Word to let the little children come to Him, and that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these, Matthew 19:14. The children didn’t have to work for His love, Jesus gave it freely.

I believe the reason Jesus wanted the children to be allowed to come to Him is because children are honest and simple. They only know how to be themselves. This is only my opinion, but I think adults make things more complicated than they have to. Perhaps, your best friend asks you how you like her new car. In your mind, you may be thinking, that’s the ugliest piece of junk I’ve ever seen. What comes out your mouth is somewhat different. “Oh, its beautiful, I want one just like it.” A child wouldn’t say that, he/she would say, “That’s not pretty.” I know this because I have a child and grandchildren and they are brutally honest.

We don’t have to be rude in our answer about the car. “I liked your other one better, but I’m sure you will enjoy this one too.” That would be honest and real!!! It would also make that person know they can get a true answer from you. They will know they can ask you anything and you will tell them the truth.

God’s love is amazing and inconceivable. There is nothing hard and complicated about loving Jesus. We love Him because of the breath taking love that He has shown us. He proves that He does what He said He would do in the Bible. He is real and not complex. We can call on Him night or day. He is available at all times. All we have to do is call His name, Jesus, and He is right there beside us. He comforts us when we need comforting, rejoices with us when we overcome an obstacle, and is our strength when we feel as if we have none left.

Jesus proved that He loved us by enduring torture, and then by rising and living again. He could have called angels to take Him back to His Father and He would not have gone through that agony, but for Jesus it was simple, He loved us so much that He died for us. Although It feels like knives through my heart when I think about all of the blood, sweat, tears, and emotions He went through, Jesus knew what He had to do because if not we would have to die in our sin. Because of His never-ending love for us, there was nothing else to do except for, simply do it.

Thank you gracious Heavenly Father for all that you took on for me. You conquered death, and because you did, I never have to worry about anything. Please help my mind to grasp this kind of love – true, honest, simple, and absolutely amazing all at the same time. I love you with all of my heart. Amen.



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