The Emotions Behind the Mask

Be happy, be kind, have a good attitude, and then deal with the issues of life. I don’t think so!!! I’ve heard people say that your true colors show when a difficult situation rears its ugly head. I believe that somewhat. I also believe that humans can only take so much annoyance before they have to speak their minds. Jesus said to be long suffering not forever suffering.

My dog, Nickie Saban Bell, was sick last night and this morning. He was sick all over the carpets, if you know what I mean! My eyes almost teared up as I scrubbed the carpet that I shampooed only 12 hours prior. Nickie couldn’t help himself, but I felt like putting a “For Sale” sign around his neck and sticking him outside. That’s not the way I reacted. I cleaned the mess and took him to the vet. A virus caused “the mess”. The Vet gave him medication that will have him feeling better in no time.

Upon wakening this morning, my head was pounding. I felt like growling at my husband when he said good morning, however, he had just awakened too. What trouble could he possibly be in, yet? So, I took control of my emotions and said, “Good Morning, Honey”.

We can’t act like we feel!!! Let me write that again, we can’t act like we feel. Just because we don’t feel like being kind and respectful doesn’t mean that we can’t. Learning to override our emotions/feelings is a difficult task, but is achievable. In no way am I saying be “fake” or don’t be yourself. I simply mean if we feel bad emotionally or physically, we do not have to transfer those feelings to others. It’s an accomplishment that we have to be cognizant of daily, hourly. Overriding our emotions is not as easy as overriding a computer malfunction, but with practice it will become more natural.

Paul said in the Scriptures that he wants to do right, but ends up doing wrong. Human nature is what that is called. We will always be human, but we do not have to be ruled by our feelings. The day the Lord calls me home, I will, still, be working on this task.Take control, let’s make it a point to treat others with kindness, especially when we don’t feel like it.


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