Eat of My Flesh and Drink of My Blood (Photograph Courtesy of Kathleen Calen-Magnone)

As I walked into church this morning, a plastic cup was placed in my hand. The cup was small but held a sealed cracker on the top and grape juice in the bottom. Today we were having Communion. 

When I was young, the ushers of the church passed around a plate from which everyone grabbed a cracker and, the same process was used for the grape juice.

Several years ago, I attended a church that offered Communion even differently than the others. All that wanted to participate formed a line and waited to pull a piece of bread from a loaf; after which, everyone drank grape juice from the same cup. 

Although this sacred event takes place in different ways, the meaning is the same and, timeless! Over two thousand years ago, Jesus was made to live the life of a human on this earth. The Scripture reads that Jesus went about doing good. He ministered to others and wanted them to know of His unfailing love for them. The Pharisees couldn’t comprehend love like this so they accused Jesus of being fake and wanted him killed, yet He still loved the Pharisees and died for them as well. (Matthew 26: 26 – 28)

The more my relationship with my Savior grows, the more I realize I need to love others just as they are. This means even if other people hate me, secretly speak badly of me, or publicly speak of my past mistakes,  I must try to see them as God does and love them anyway…..Lord, I’m going to need your help on this one!!!!                                                                                                                     Image


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